Project Management

“Home is the nicest word there is.”

 - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Writer

Whether it’s a personal residence or a buy-to-let investment, any property must ultimately become a home. Finding reputable contractors and supervising the necessary refurbishments however is often a drain on time and a clear understanding of legislation.

Our seasoned Project Managers oversee minor renovations through to major transformations, guaranteeing that all works are expertly executed.

What to expect

  • Property Visits - We are on site from the outset to obtain a professional opinion on exactly what works need doing. During renovations we are in contact with our contractors daily and check progress in person.
  • Flexibility - We are happy to manage your project with as much or as little influence as you wish. Our supervisors are pragmatic and discerning; many of our clients prefer minimal input and have full confidence in us to make the right decisions, others prefer to be more Involved.
  • Furnishing - Post-renovation we can dress your property appropriately in order to maintain marketing and ensure It presents well for viewings.
  • Contractor Warranty - Workmanship is guaranteed; should any snagging be required after final completion; our contractors remain on hand to promptly resolve it.
  • Quality Checks - If your property is being rented out after the refurbishment works, we conduct high quality visits to ensure the property is being kept at a high standard after the works.
  • Contractors - We have a carefully curated panel of first-class contractors, from builders, architects, structural engineers and interior designers through to qualified Gas and Electrical engineers.

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    What our clients say

    I have been using Cobalt Property Partners for nearly 5 years now, and in that time they have helped me acquire 5 buy to let properties. On each one, their predicted returns and occupancy rates have been not only accurate, but better than forecast.
    Great service from a genuinely caring professional Property Management Team, particularly Ed and Sonal!
    I have nothing but praise for Cobalt. Staff are very professional and reverts in a timely manner. I have full confidence in the team in all aspects of managing my flat. Special mention for awesomeness goes to: Peter, Edward, Sonal and Jade.
    Ed, one of Cobalt’s founder, truly believes in giving the best service. We live overseas and often agents take advantage of the situation. Ed has always fought for our interest and he won our trust. He instills the same spirit to his team. The turnover has been quite low which is rare in this industry. It means our property manager knows us and we have time to build relationship and trust.