Block Management

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

 - Peter Drucker, Author

Buildings are always best enjoyed when they’re properly managed and maintained. By resolving issues effectively, professionally and with care, we ensure tenants, leaseholders and freeholders all benefit.

Our London block management service aims to give you the value and peace of mind you deserve, knowing that a friendly, dedicated professional is always available to do the right thing for you and your property.

What to expect

  • Responsive - We are not a faceless freehold manager operating from a PO Box and email address. Based in London, all calls are readily answered by a member of our attentive team.
  • Transparent - Clear terms of business and transparency of service with no hidden extras.
  • Property Experts - Our team have many years of wide-ranging experience with leasehold and freehold matters. From Major Works, Licence for Alterations, and Lease Extensions, to Planned & Preventative Maintenance, or Service Charge & Reserve Fund management - you’ll be in safe hands.
  • Independent - We are a fully independent company with no affiliation or connection to freehold owning organisations.
  • Financially Robust - We have an internal client accounting team with ring-fenced and insured client money handling, so your payments are always protected.
  • Trusted Contractors - A large pool of dependable contractors who have worked on projects for us for over 15 years. They provide the highest-quality workmanship with fair and transparent pricing.

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    What our clients say

    I have been using Cobalt Property Partners for nearly 5 years now, and in that time they have helped me acquire 5 buy to let properties. On each one, their predicted returns and occupancy rates have been not only accurate, but better than forecast.
    Great service from a genuinely caring professional Property Management Team, particularly Ed and Sonal!
    I have nothing but praise for Cobalt. Staff are very professional and reverts in a timely manner. I have full confidence in the team in all aspects of managing my flat. Special mention for awesomeness goes to: Peter, Edward, Sonal and Jade.
    Ed, one of Cobalt’s founder, truly believes in giving the best service. We live overseas and often agents take advantage of the situation. Ed has always fought for our interest and he won our trust. He instills the same spirit to his team. The turnover has been quite low which is rare in this industry. It means our property manager knows us and we have time to build relationship and trust.